Flashlight/torch control during video capture

Toggling the Flashlight/Torch during the operation of the camera has known issue with returning the proper enable/disable states. ThirdEye has built an .aar library as a secondary approach to checking the flash state.
All that needed is to add the .aar lib as a dependency and then you can control the torch outside of the normal Android way.
torch = new TorchNativeLib(); if(torch.isTorchEnabled()){ Log.e(TAG, "Torch is enabled"); }else{ Log.e(TAG, "Torch is disabled"); }
if(torch.isTorchEnabled() == false){ torch.Enable(); StatusText.setText("Torch Enabled");
}else{ torch.Disable(); StatusText.setText("Torch Disabled");
A public git project has been created containing the library and and a set of example code.