OTA Update Instructions

How to update firmware via the Over the Air update application.
Occasionally, ThirdEye MR Glasses will receive Operating System updates via the OTA system. This guide will provide step by step instructions to perform an OS update your device.
Please Note: It is recommended to have battery level of 50% or higher and/or charger connected during the update process.

How To Update Firmware via OTA Update:

  1. 1.
    Connect the ThirdEye MR Glasses to a Wifi Network.
  2. 2.
    Locate in the ThirdEye OTA Updater Icon in My Applications and run the application.
3. With the application open, press the “Check for Update” Button. The application will check the OTA server for an OTA package and verify that a newer image than the current system is available. If there is newer OTA package available, the button will change it text to "Download Now" and the user can proceed to step #4. If the there are no new updates available, the user will receive a notification stating their glasses are running the latest version.
4. Press the “Download Now” Button. The download process will begin and a progress bar will indicate the download progress.
5. When the Progress Bar Complete the user can then apply the update package by pressing the “Install Now” Button.
6. The user is again prompted to confirm that they want to update. Select “OK” to apply the update.
7. Once the install process has completed the “Restart Now” button will be displayed. The user press the “Restart Now” to finalize the install process.
8. The headset will reboot and switch slots to newly flashed images.